Hi, I am Christian Chavez, a fitness blogger from Dallas. I’m passionate about Fitness related topics thus I made this blog live so others can take some benefits of these knowledge.

What Made Me Make This Blog?

Health and fitness are a big business, but despite all the products, memberships and other junk you can buy to get and stay fit, America is still fighting with an obesity problem. If that’s surprising to you then just consider some of these numbers.

There are 30,022 health clubs in the U.S., with over 45.5 million members as of January 2009.  Spending in 2008 for health club dues was 19.1 billion dollars (that’s $19,100,000,000.00). So why is it that were not more healthy as a nation? Are people not using those memberships?

What I’ve observed is that many people are interested in being health and fit, but they’re not motivated. Yes, there’s a difference, and its the type of difference that caused my friend to purchase a two year contract for a gym membership that hes never used. He wanted to be fit, but hes not motivated to go and use it.

I’m learning to accept my body for its amazing abilities as well as its flaws. Sometimes, I was really caught up with being super fit. This lifestyle is fine for some, but it became too overwhelming for me. Being healthy is what matters most. I no longer beat myself up if I don’t workout every day. It’s all about balance. This is the true life and this is how we should try to be fit.

I’m having fun exploring healthy recipes and actually making them myself. I really don’t like cooking, but creating healthy meals and sharing them with my family, and my readers whenever it is possible, it is a fun part of my life which I love to share on this blog.