Create a More Balanced Life with Right Food

Create a More Balanced Life with Right Food

Yes! You can regain your health by changing your diet! The proper nutrition is key to reducing stress, finding your balance, getting your energy and stamina back, and losing the unwanted fluff.

As a French chef trained in Paris, I was taught all the tricks to please my clients’ taste buds by using butter, cream, herbs, and spices, different techniques and an infinity of sauces. Yet there was no course on nutrition or health conscious eating beyond knowing how to counter-balanced rich sauces with steamed vegetables.

Right Food

My breakthrough began when I went to work as a personal chef for Muhammad Ali. I was already more health conscious in my advice to clients, preferring the Mediterranean cuisine always over the Traditianal Parisian even the Italian ones! I studied more nutrition and became passionate about the relationship between food and health. That’s how I came across the Chinese art of nourishing the body.

Did you know that the Chinese mastered the art of healing your body with proper nutrition about 3000 years ago? They found that specific colors and precise tastes feed particular organs. The Chinese saw everything in existence as consisting of five main elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water and Metal). Each element corresponds with particular body systems, organs, colors, emotions, as well as foods and flavors. When there is an area of disharmony in the body it often presents as discomfort or dis-ease. The body can be returned to health by bringing that area back into balance by eating the appropriate foods.

What did you eat for your respiratory system or your immune system today?

What did you eat to feed your kidneys or your pancreas?

These are questions we usually cannot answer; but the answer can be found in the ancient Chinese philosophy of the five elements.

  • To feed your heart and your small intestine, you can eat red (like the Fire element) foods, and foods that tastes bitter.
  • To feed your pancreas and stomach, choose a yellow or brown (like Earth) sweet fruit or vegetable.
  • Metal is the element of the lungs and large intestine; it is about the color white and spicy foods.
  • For the circulatory system, the element is Water, with blue or black colors and a salty taste. It may remind you of that old saying “where the salt goes, water follows!”
  • Finally, the Wood element, for the liver and gall bladder, is green and the taste is sour.

An understanding of the 5 elements and how they relate to each other is only part of creating a menu that will heal from the inside out. We have a few options to use this ‘science’ of nourishing our systems. Organic foods free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers are good but are often grown in nutrient depleted soils. Raw foods provide beneficial enzymes but such diets may not provide enough of the right balance of nutrients to support the body. Due to labels like organic or raw foods we may believe that we are being healthy when in the big picture it is not enough.

The Chinese differentiate three types of herbs: poisonous, medicinal, and food. They actually call ‘herbs’ what we would call ‘roots, flowers, fruits, and vegetable’. A food grade herb is not the same as the medicinal herbs commonly associated with Chinese medicine. Food grade herbs are nutrient rich whole foods that contain amino acids, fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, the very important enzymes, and a proper balance of vitamins, and minerals.

It is possible to rely on highly concentrated nutritional foods in the proper balance to return to and maintain health. In fact it is a process that the Chinese mastered thousands of years ago. This is why I started my mission to give free advice. The solution to many health issues may rest in concentrated, alive, herb-food. After all, when a French chef trained in the art of cooking, promotes these concepts of health and wellness, it is food for thought!