5 Reasons Most Diets Fail, and How to Succeed?

Everyone likes to lead a happy and peaceful life. Maintaining a good health is most important in the daily life. Of course, it can be achieved with the regular exercise and maintain good diet condition. According to a recent statics, a normal person would gain about 11 pounds on the diet they go every day. More fat and muscles will be lost when they lose body weight likewise when they regain weight then all the fat in the body will be restored.

An important reason for this aspect is that the muscle burns almost 7 times calories as fat with the normal metabolic rate. Fewer calories are required for maintaining the weight in body and leading a normal life. Most doctors and dietarians recommend people to eat healthy and natural food products that bring adequate nutrients for the body. Overweight or obesity is the important plan that everyone faces in their life but there are many diet plan for controlling the obesity in the body. Obesity will damage the metabolism rate in the body and it is necessary to follow the right diet condition for enabling complete health benefits.

5 Reasons Most Diets Fail, and How to Succeed?

Key to losing weight revolves around the simple aspects such as automatically reducing the appetite by fixing hormones as well as brain chemistry. Some people starve for achieving the diet process but cause the overeating. Automatically increase the metabolism to burn more calories is also the most important process. However, some of the diets do the opposite with slowing the metabolism and increasing the hunger. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the right diet’s plan for gaining good body control and healthy activity. Here are the important 5 Reasons Most Diets Fail and the methods to succeed.

Cravings Diet Plans

Most diet plans strive to trigger the hunger or eating less for reducing the obesity or overweight in the body. Starving yourself for so long would create number of problems in the body. Powerful and ancient mechanisms can be used for protecting and compensating from starvation. Hunger would dramatically increase and the cravings would slow down the metabolism rate with conserving the energy. Normally, there are certain foods in the diet plan such as low-fat, sugary foods or higher-carb would increase the hunger with slowing down the metabolism rate.

How to Fix it? Appetite!

  • Eat appropriate meals to balance the lower insulin and blood sugar.
  • Eat real and whole fresh food to satisfy your appetite
  • Eat protein-based food for breakfast
  • Avoid eating 3 hours before bed
  • Eat food with protein, fat, and low-glycemic
  • Eat Non-starchy carbs such as vegetables, fruit, and small amounts of grains and beans in each meal
  • Eat protein and Fat to slow down insulin spikes


Humans are programmed to use food emotionally right from birth. We celebrate and bond with the meals with showing more affection. In fact, the long-awaited promotion or terrible day at work could trigger to eat. Overcoming the emotional eating would be one of the great weight loss hurdles.

How to Fix it?

Normally, Strong emotions could easily drown the rational thought that could easily distance from the consequence of the immediate action. For example, when you are sad, scared or angry, eating ice cream could make you feel better. It would be easier to push away the thoughts about the current situation. When you are not eating food emotionally then this shift could cause the dramatic impact on your weight.

Eating Low-Fat Diet

Nowadays, many people believe that eating the low-fat diet and avoiding the egg yolks could lead to losing weight in the body. People think that carbs have 4 calories per gram and fat has about 9 calories per gram so when you cut out fat then they would lose weight. A recent study states that a 26% low-carb, 43% high-fat vegan diet is effective for weight loss as well as reducing major risk factors of cardiovascular when compared to the vegan low-fat diet. Another recent study also states that the eating fewer carbs and more amount of fat could increase metabolism rate by 300 calories per day.

How to Fix it? Fat!

  • Eating good fats every meal
  • It is recommended to eat the vegetable fats, like nuts, seeds, avocado, oil or coconut butter
  • Eating clean animal fats is most important – organic eggs, grass-fed meats, and chicken, fish with omega-3 fats

Hidden Medical Reasons and Necessary Help

Many reasons are seen to affect your amount of exercise or diet with affecting your metabolism and weight condition. Normally, our body is a system so there are many numbers of things that affect metabolism rate. Inflammation is the hidden cause of the weight gain with increasing the insulin resistance.

How to Fix it?

  • Get rid of inflammatory foods. Reduce gluten and dairy products
  • Avoid the gut-busting drugs such as acid blockers, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics
  • Starve bad bugs eating low-glycemic diet and low-fermentation diet

Focus on Calories

Calories in our body are most important for energy balance. It acts as the key to weight loss with creating the equal metabolism rate. Eat the foods that spike insulin such as sugar, flour, grains, beans, and fruit triggers shift in metabolism. Calories drive all fuel in your blood.

Methods to Improve?

  • Use grains and beans
  • Eat very low-glycemic foods – Nuts, seeds, low-glycemic veggies, chicken and fish
  • Do not take artificial sweeteners


Obesity will damage the metabolism rate in the body so it is necessary to follow the right diet condition for enabling complete health benefits. Follow the above 5 reasons to succeed the diet plan efficiently.